Hudson Park’s principals have years of experience executing successful development projects in the New York tri-state region. We see opportunity in challenges that other firms shy away from and are passionate about the communities we work with. Our goal is to create building environments that complement and enrich their respective settings – whether urban or green field. We enjoy the design process of creating beautiful structures that complement their surroundings and seek to engage the communities in which we develop in this process.

New York City and its environs represent a population of 20.3 million.  It is a central hub in the global economy that drives growth locally and the resultant demand for quality housing. This demand has spread beyond the hottest submarkets to outlying suburban communities as families search for more affordable rents and a better balance of cost-versus-lifestyle. The COVID pandemic has accelerated this trend by those seeking housing outside the city center and looking to less dense suburban locales.

During the past few decades, the additions of new multifamily housing in these submarkets have been limited due the lack of available land parcels and restrictive zoning. Increasingly, municipalities recognize the need to create higher-density housing with quality residential developments to revitalize their communities and provide economic stimulus. These submarkets are the focus of Hudson Park’s development activities.